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Conca de Barberà is an area with a great winemaking tradition, thanks to its location and its land. To understand the present we have to take a leap into the past, and the evolution of viticulture in Conca de Barberà has been closely linked to the historical evolution of the region. Let’s go back to the Middle Ages, when two institutions, the Cistercian monks of the Abbey of Santa Maria de Poblet and the warrior monks of the Templars, passed on their knowledge and experience to the farmers in order to cultivate the vineyards and extract the best wines.

Catedral del Vi

The Costa Daurada is culture, history, nature and much more. At the architectural level, however, it is essential to mention the Wine Cathedrals that form part of the most remarkable heritage of the winemaking tradition of the territory.

BTT entre vinyesBTT entre vinyes

It's time to leave the car and trust your legs. The roads, paths and trails of the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) offer walking and cycling trips that allow you to connect with the landscape a thousand times better than if you did at high speed.


"Once upon a time there was a village called by people of the region Prat, where some mysterious dogs appeared.

It was said that at night they went out looking for lambs, goats and people to suck blood ... It seems that the dips…have returned to Prat! "

With this fascinating legend about the most devilish wolf dogs of Catalonia you will be presented by the inhabitants of this endearing little village of the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast). They say that the dips disappeared sometime in the 19th century, but now they have returned the corners of the village

Do you dare to locate them? Then download the map of Pratdip from here and play with the children to find the eleven specimens that roam the streets and the roofs of the most emblematic monuments and buildings. Be alert, because if you do not find the last, he may find you first and suck all the blood.

The town of Pratdip is crowned by the visitable remains of the castle, with fantastic views over this place with reddish roofs and the Llaberia mountain range. Do not miss the public laundries and watering holes of the old village centre and the church. Notice that the dips have marked so much the life of this municipality that they have finished appearing in shield and the flag.

PortAventura WorldPortAventura World

The first time you attend a rally it is fascinating to see how long queues of amateurs look for the best curve to see the cars skid past. Go with a sandwich in one hand and the chair in the other, the camera or video hanging on the neck, the cap on the head to protect from the sun and a smile from ear to ear. The Catalunya-Costa Daurada  Rally awakes the adrenalin rush of thousands of people each year and if you have not lived it, you will be stuck when you see the first car pass by.

Santes CreusSantes Creus

If you come from completing the first part of the Cistercian Route, congratulations, you have already passed the equator! If you decide to start here, the journey begins in Montbrió de la Marca.

Ruta del CisterRuta del Cister

"Idleness is the enemy of the soul," said the forerunner of the Cistercian order. The Cistercian Route, a tour of the artistic, cultural and natural heritage of the three districts of Tarragona (Alt Camp, Conca de Barberà and Urgell) challenges - and in what way! - this monastic precept. You can do it on foot in 5 days or by bike in two and a half days.

Castell Barberà de la ConcaCastell Barberà de la Conca

The counts of Barcelona and Urgell established one of the most important strengths of the Marca Hispánica- the  buffer zone beyond the former province of Septimania, created by Charlemagne

in 795 as a defensive as a defensive barrier between the Umayyad Moors of Al-Andalus and the Frankish Carolingian Empire in the current center of Barberà de la Conca. It was the in the 11th century. In the last decades of the 20th century it had survived among ruins, until in the nineties the group " Amics del Castell " launched a a campaign to restore it. The poet José Agustín Goytisolo, neighbor of the town, collaborated very especially.

At present in Barberà Castle- which was part of the order of the Templars - there are two buildings that can be visited, the old chapel and the tower. And usually there are concerts, conferences, exhibitions, wine tastings, cinema... It is an excellent excuse to visit this town often hidden from the tourist routes through Tarragona and the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast). Located on a hill of 450 meters, it offers great views of the region. The agricultural cooperative has the honor of being the heir of the first cooperative winery founded in Catalonia in 1894. You can buy tasty white, red and rosé wines of the Conca de Barberà Denomination of Origin (D.O.). In the leisure area La Marinada, on the outskirts of the village, you can eat with your family and let the children play football or basketball in the fields with free access available.

BTT entre vinyesBTT entre vinyes

There are few routes in Tarragona so well traced as the Landscapes of Wine Route. To tread on wine land and enjoy the journey with all the senses, you only have to enter the web, download maps, the PDFs and the mp3, and let you guide by Marcel and Pepe, the two friends who have registered their dialogues to share the travel with you. They will take you through the vineyard landscapes of the Montsant, the Terra Alta, the. Conca de Barberà and the Priorat D.O. Denominations of Origin.

It is a great way to know where you put your feet in each moment with a self guided tour suitable for all ages. You can start it wherever you want. When you open the map of each D.O. on the smartphone or the tablet, you will find some indicators to explore the past, present and future of the wine culture of these lands and their people, who have historically lived in vineyards.

Museu del VermutMuseu del Vermut

Today you are in the mood and the night invites you to go out. The Costa Daurada, (Golden Coast) besides being a family destination, also has options to extend the day and dance until the body is exhausted.
In Cambrils, Siddharta, located on the Paseo Miramar, was born with the aim of transmitting to clients "peace, friendship, love and respect". The atmosphere is perfect to unwind and relax between drinks and lounge and chill out music. The atmosphere is select and includes an extensive menú card of gins and drinks. You will aslo be unable to taste the the wide range of teas.

The Lotus Lounge & Disco Pub in La Pineda (within Vila-seca) is another stylish proposal. It is located within the 5-stars Gran Palas hotel. On the dance floor the decibels go up. The local has become one of the references of the club culture of the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast). 800 square meters of disco with minimalist decoration, with bars inside, outside and in the pool - according to the season of year. If you love exclusive atmospheres and good service, here is your meeting point at night.

Before, if you are looking for a unique restaurant, you can go and have something to eat at La Ferreteria in Reus. It is a beautiful place with wooden furniture that used to house a nails and screws business. In 1998 the warehouse was replaced by a kitchen to be able to serve tapas and montaditos (small sandwiches) that retains the name of the typical products of a hardware store. Rice with cod, deep fried squid, patatas bravas (spicy fried potato dice)... the menu is classic and an authentic guarantee of success.

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